Friday, April 06, 2007

Dont have to go out to shop

Recently I am sort of hooked to Ebay Malaysia. Forever checking out what is for sale there. So far... well, not going to tell how much have I spent. Not much...I am being very choosy.

I am planning to go to Coffee Bean sometime soon. Not free enough to go yet. Still have my RM 20 cash vouchers. Need to use it before it expires in May.

Oh! The other day when I read xiaxue's blog, I found that that pack of seaweed is so familiar. Then, when I went to Watson, I finally understand why. It is also sold in Watson. I bought a packet of the seaweed and also a pack of oyster mushroom crisps. I brought the packs to work so that I can share with others (and because I dont think I will eat it if I put it at home). The seaweed is yummy but the mushroom is ..urgh~! disgusting.

Still busy at work. Will continue to be busy for the next few months.

Jinnwei will be back on Tuesday morning. Hmm... Someone at home with me. It is going to be interesting.

Just in case you think I am no more addicted to Goong...

I am not cured yet.

Goong on 8tv finally ended tonight. Hmm..No more other drama series to look forward to watch. Oh well...

So far, I have saved around... perhaps...300 plus pics of Goong, Joo Ji Hoon, and Yoon Eun Hye. Continue searching for more.

I will continue on !!!

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