Friday, May 04, 2007

I should be studying but i am not

Last sunday, that is 29th March, went to indoor stadium with Lynthia, Lynna and Joaquina to watch this National Dance Challenge 2007.
13 teams from all over Malaysia (actually just teams from JB, KL, Kuching, Sibu and Miri) compete to win the title for group category and individual category.
They also invited a choreographer and his team of dancers from Taiwan to be the judge of honour and to perform. The choreographer and the dancers are supposedly the choice dancers for Jay Chow's concert. Dunno true or not but sounds very grand and wahlau.
The stage, lighting and sound system are very high tech as well. They also projected the show to two white canvas. And the stage very huge and grand thru that camera. :P
Hmm..Forgot to mention that this event is organised by SUPP Young Ladies Club.

Alright, below are the videos of the performance by the Taiwanese dancers. These five videos are not in the correct sequence and also not in a very good quality. What do you expect from a handphone? I was sitting quite far from the stage and the lighting is not helping also. Kinda of noisy also. Kinda of blur. I just want to put here so that didnt waste my effort to video it all. Btw, it is 5 parts because my handphone refused to record everything in one go. -_-|

Anyways, I am supposed to be studying but I feel too distracted. Need to clear off everything that is bugging me including writing this blog post.

This morning, went to have breakfast at that particular coffeeshop and then went to office. Got Joanna and HLing to sign the card. Ah! Another insider's joke.

Hallmark Birthday card = RM 16.50
Postage fee = RM 6.00
Curious look on a friend's face when he knew I bought this for a guy = Priceless
Endless possibilities of what might happen if I get a reply from this card = Hilarious

Anyways...went to banks and post office this morning to pay bills and bank-in money to pay off debts.

Ok la...I happy liaw. should really be studying liaw. :P


Dancing Queen said...

Wah, really ah? Lemme guess, it's to one of those Korean actors that you're head over heels with? :D

Hope you get your reply, then you don't have to go to sleep...! :D

g0hy|3 said...

Dancing Queen,
hehe... you are absolutely right. The card is to the Korean actor. His bday is on 16th May.
Yupe, my colleagues and I are thinking that i might even fly if really receive a reply.