Sunday, July 01, 2007


Is it how to call it? To look back and write what has happened quite sometimes ago?

I have been very busy at work during the past month. Went to Brunei for a weekend because Mum enrolled me to this workshop in Brunei. It is a motivational workshop by this Taiwanese guy.

Firstly.... need to say how reluctant I was to go to this workshop. It is because I was told that it was held specially for primary and secondary school students. Erk.. What is this working person doing there for?! Without a single doubt, I should be the eldest participant in this workshop. Not only that, I am alone. No friends. Urgh.... I really dont want to go but I went anyway.

So forlorn... So upset that my migraine come back.

At the end of first day, I had an unusual experience. A body-close experience. I cant say it out here... Too embarrassing.

Anyways... Mum and I had Excapade's Japanese Dinner and I have the honour of ordering. Hmmm... We did mistakenly ordered a sushi with salmon skin and it tasted so weird. Bad choice...

Second day... I just join in the fun and really had fun the whole day till the speaker decided to do this session which is supposed to be very touching and strong and emotional and in my honest opinion, sucks big time. Too serious lor... The speaker seems to have forgotten that his listeners also consist of children that are in primary school. Even for me lor...or maybe I am not open enough. I already have a principle of my own so I cannot accept his into myself. Below are the bunch of principles that he taught. I got to admit that some of the life lessons he taught are quite true. Too bad it is in chinese and my chinese is really only three quarter full la... Note that it is not half bucket full cause I think I am ok ok in Chinese.

I thought my Mum so hebat to know this kind of activity that is happening in Brunei then I discovered that my dad and her have attended workshops held by this speaker. And it is organized by Nulife, the company that insisted that they are not into direct-sale but into level marketing which my Mum was very into quite a few years ago. Now she only join it for the sake of the supplement pills that she takes everyday.

We had this really supposedly emotional farewell. I must be really cold-hearted because I felt that the whole thing is so funny and I didnt shed a tear at all.

Then because it is Fathers' Day so every dad in the hall were invited to go up the stage. All went except for my super cool Dad. He refused to go and so Mum was angry at him. He said he can see what is happening so much better from where he is sitting at the moment. Cool huh?

After the thing is all over, we went to Excapade again. To celebrate Father's Day.

Excapade's meal...Jelly Fish, Golden Needle mushroom with butter, Lamb, Unagi Avocado Sushi, Beef, California Maki (Not in pic), Asparagus wrapped with Salmon, Raw Salmon (Not in pic)... Oh...Salivating again...

The next day, after breakfast, rushed back to Miri and worked really hard for the rest of the week and the week after because there wasnt much time left!!


lynnx01 said...

Wah the chinese characters make me feel stupid. Tak pandai baca langsung.

Sherp said...

hahhaha me neither. oh yea. i think 'reminisce' can also be used?

hmm, we got the goong cd. but like my girl, they speak korean and only hav chinse subs. so yea, i cant understand >< hav to keep asking my mum wat they are saying. hahaha

< u3!y!nG > said...

Hahaha.. => laughing while pointing

My mandarin sucks. More than u guys. I don't bother to learn much even when I was watching Mandarin series.