Saturday, July 14, 2007

My love for food

I have been on a food trip.. One food after another...Wonder if I have gained a lot of weight. I dont want to stand on scale and see my weight increase again. Serves me right if it does.

Firstly, I have two outings with cousins at Siamese Secrets and Shiki. Since lynnx01 has written about it, I can save my time and brain juice. Hehe...

Since JWei is back at home and I dont cook at home, we go out for food.

Pork Liver Soup & Buttery Prawn Omelette Rice

We had the Pork Liver Soup at Riam Willow Cafe with Dry Pok Mee. It has a lot of ginger in it but it was ok. The Buttery Prawn Omelette Rice is from Double Star. It has seaweed pieces sprinkled on it. The prawns are of a decent size so it is pretty good.

On Friday night, I went to Imperial Hotel with the geng for the July Ocean Gem buffet. This buffet is the first buffet I felt that I have truly went thru everything on display, eaten all that I want without feeling too full. I did feel very full after that though.

Hehe... Has another session of cam-whoring one night. It has been a long time since I have taken pics of myself.

Recently I am very interested in K-Drama. Been trying to watch three dramas at once. Mawang, Witch Yoo Hee and 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Not only that, watched a K-movie called 200 pound Beauty. A funny, romantic and inspirational movie. No, not influential enough to make me want to get plastic surgery.

Going to have another buffet this Sunday. Cant wait.

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Sherp said...

:D your photos are so cute! i like the second last one! hohoho.