Friday, August 03, 2007

J-Drama? K-Drama?

I think people is such a funny creature. I am refering to myself specifically. When I was working very hard during peak period, I promised myself that I will watch the k-drama that Jac lent me and also the hongkie drama that I have gotten Chinos to burn for me long ago.

But instead.... ever since I had my new laptop and the introduction of veoh by jinnwei, I have been downloading k-drama and j-drama to watch. Actually, it has been more like downloading like crazy but didnt really watch much.

I was originally attracted to this k-drama, Mawang aka The Devil, which is acted by my favourite actor, Joo Ji Hoon. After a few episodes, Hling got me the dvd from the chinese lady seller. I watched the final episode. I am that impatient. And ever since then, I have not been watching this series but I am still in the progress of downloading the version with english subtitle. Since I have started downloading a few episodes, I thought might as well download the whole thing and burn it into a dvd and save it for future entertainment. :P

Then, at the same time, I was also attracted to this k-drama, Witch Yoo Hee aka Witch Amusement. It is a very light-hearted and funny drama. Erm... Actually, I enjoyed the beginning of the drama but not so sure about the ending because I sort of stopped watching it. :P

Why did I stopped watching Witch Yoo Hee? Because I was attracted by another K-drama, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Muahaha.... I am currently still watching and waiting for this drama because the drama is still showing and filming in Korea and english subtitle requires time to come out in veoh. Since Coffee Prince requires time to be available for downloading, I diverted my attention to this J-Drama, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e aka Hana Kimi aka Japanese version of Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. One thing I like about J-Drama is that they are not fussy at all. They get straight to the point without being so lo-so about everything. I did try to watch the Taiwanese version and found myself so disgusted and sick of the lo-so-ness within 5 minutes of the show that I stopped immediately. After immersing myself into the world of K-drama and J-drama, I found myself blurting out bits and pieces of Korean and Japanese words in my daily life. Cham lo.... Nan Da Yo?!

On a different issue, I went to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Joanna and Ms Wee. I enjoyed it despite of several negative response from friends. And i found myself impatient to know the ending to this Harry Potter epic so I actually got to know the whole story from Kim. Hehe...

Which brings me to another point that is I found myself being really impatient recently. I cannot stand waiting for a long time and easily get irritated and rather give it up then wait for any longer. Dont think this is a good habit. Sigh...


lynnx01 said...

Call it penjajahan minda? Well, I guess it's a good thing since it's something like Dasar Pandang Timur. The reason why I don't want to watch so much Korean series is because I don't want to keep living in the fairy tale world.. it makes me so dreamy, I tell you!

Sherp said...

hahaha. so many dramas!!! my mummy and i watched first epi of coffee prince. but no subtitles. and speaking korean. so we just watch the action and thus i don find it that interesting. and hana kimi is sooo good eh eh eh ^^

aaaah!! :( im hiccuping and sneezing at the same time!