Monday, August 27, 2007

More makan-makan

Firstly, the outings with cousins.
Halo Cafe seems to be the hang-out place we go to nowadays. It is not a good place for chit-chatting though. Anyways, Lynnwei and Lynthia went to Halo Cafe on last two Thursday nights ago after an unfruitful shopping trip at Imperial. The most memorable of that night is about the HK drama that Lynnwei was telling me about which I am very interested to watch now. :P

Love Yogurt, drink I cant remember the name, chicken popcorn & french fries

Then, we (Lynnwei, Lynnx and I) went to Desserts on Wednesday night. Sort of sitting there chatting and looking through magazines.

Erm... Talking about Halo Cafe. Went there for the first time to support Kueh for the singing competition. Then, second time to support Kueh for the semi-final and finally, on Thursday, the final round.

Had the Sunshine Fish chop which is quite delicious and very fulfilling. Went there as early as 6pm so that we can get a big table to fit everyone. I didnt leave my seat from 6pm till 10pm. Straight 4-hour sitting. I cant believe myself either. So tiring.

Kueh is the Participant no. 6 and it took a pretty long time to wait for him to perform. Anyways... here are the videos of his performance. Kind of noisy though. He only got a consolation prize btw.

Semi-final performance

Final round performance Part 1

Final round performance Part 2

Erm... On Monday, office got broken into. Scary. To think that I am the first one to open the office door. Dont dare to go to office so early anymore.

Been proscratinating. Delaying a lot of things. Dont know why. It just happen. But... the most important thing is that....




l y n n w e i said...

i really miss those times in Halo Cafe!!!

i wanna go again!!!

Singpore updates!!!

Sherp said...

Wah! so many nice-looking drinks at Halo Cafe!!
And congrats to Kueh tho, even tho just consolation prize, still very well done.

and. eee. scaryyy. be careful when u go to work in the morning. was anything taken?

g0hy|3 said...

Lynnwei, Sg Trip part one is up!! Haha

Sherp, not bad la the drinks. After trying quite a few drinks, i think the flower tea is the safest and most worth-while to drink.
Office robbery... yea, computers. We lost a quite a number of computers. Fortunately nothing happen to our files. Otherwise, we would have a hard time recollecting everything and explaining to clients.