Friday, August 10, 2007


Talk about being completely "SOI"

I have been in total soi-ness recently.

My car started to break down... At first, the aircond broke down... After two weeks, the aircond broke down again. After it was fixed, the engine leak oil like mad. After that is fixed, the car doesnt have much brake. When I thought the car is fixed, the mechanic told me the aircond broke down. When I got the car back without fixing the aircond, the brake has little improvement from its previous 'no brake' situation. The car alignment is also a little off and the stupid mechanic fixed the car till it has an even weirder and noisier noise that he blamed on the tyre that has just been replaced about one month ago. Damn!

I had it! I am not fixing the car for the time being. Jinnwei is going back to studying so I will be the only one driving the car. Dont think my dad will want to drive it since it is without aircond. He has been avoiding driving the car. Previously he would drive the car regardless whether I need the car or not.

Then, there is my slippers. My only two pairs of slippers. Both of them broke off. I was slipper-less.

But, I got myself a new pair of slippers instead.

A pair of Diadora orange slippers.

I feel so drained physically and emotionally. Frustration.

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