Thursday, September 13, 2007

Singapore Part 2

Day Three (31.08.2007). Happy Independence Day to Malaysia o~! Hehe… Watched a bit of the Merdeka Parade on tv before leaving the apartment. Our initial plan is to go to Orchard Road again but we decided not to. Instead, we would go to Bugis and then go to Orchard again some other day. We went straight to Bugis and ate curry puff for breakfast. We rounded at Sim Lim Square or Plaza (?) first for electronics window shopping. Then we headed back to the Bugis Junction to continue shopping. We finally chose Wong Kok Char Chan Teng as our lunch-ing place. The place is something like Kim Gary Restaurant.
Hong kie Lunch

After lunch, we continued our shopping. Actually, I think we were more like window-shopping. I didn’t find the nice bargain earrings like the previous time I shopped at Singapore. Too bad. We decided to go look for Manchester United shop at Peninsula Plaza. So we rode the MRT to City Hall and walked to Peninsula Plaza. It wasn’t there. However, we got the direction from the security guard that it should be somewhere at the building of Peninsula Hotel which is just next door. The interior of the building is so discouraging. We are convinced that we couldn’t find the shop we wanted but hey… we did! Our “Prince” was thrilled… Hehe…
A shot of the shopping bags while resting at a cafe

Anyways, we went back home after that. Dinner? What about dinner? No dinner meh?!!
No worries~~ Hehe… We got treated to a very scrumptious dinner outside the apartment. I am talking about tasty frogs cooked in kong pao style, frogs cooked with ginger and soy, prawn omelette, beef stew, belacan kangkung, seaweed soup, teo chew porridge ( yes, porridge… got story one…) and a yam dessert. So full…
Oh-This-Is-Too-Much Dinner

The Teochew Porridge story – We actually wanted to go makan Frog Porridge at another restaurant nearby but Uncle decided to go to this restaurant instead. They doesn’t serve frog porridge and after so much confusion, the chef cooked the Teo Chew Porridge specially for us. That is why apart from plain rice and dishes, we also had porridge for dinner.

Day Four (01.09.2007), we had our breakfast at the same place we had our breakfast on the second day. Trying out the duck noodle that Kueh and Aaron said is very nice.

Duck platter and Duck noodle

After breakfast, Uncle brought us out to go to Peninsula Hotel first to get the Man-U jersey. Then we walked around in Fu Nan Digimall (i think it is Fu Nan, forgot liaw). Then we headed to Sun Tec. I remember Sun Tec to be really huge and Yuanz and I got lost in it when we were there last August. But right now, it doesnt seems to frightening huge anymore. Sort of know how to walk around. Uncle brought us to have a look at the pc fair, COMEX. Everything is so huge~~~!! So many different brands. So many people.
Uncle left us to shop on our own after lunch. We walked around and window shopped in Suntec till we were too tired to walk any further. So, we sat down at Gelare to enjoy the waffle and ice cream.
Waffle with Chocolate Overload and Frutti Waffle
We decided to go back home so we followed the signboard and found out that we need to walk all the way to Marine Parade which was ok. Then we decided that it is a shopping centre so the shopping bug in us got us walking around looking at stuffs. Time flies. Uncle joined us for dinner. We had our dinner at Billy Bombers. Laura, Kueh and I had the half chicken set meal while Kelvin has the lamb shank set meal. aaron and Uncle had burger. The impressive-looking burger below is Uncle's. It has all the ingredients available for a burger.

Laura and I left the table first and after some shopping/ window-shopping, we left for home.

Do you know the feeling of too much shopping? Oh my gosh... we were over-dosing ourselves with shopping. But I dont miss home yet.


Sherp said...

waaaaaaaah~ so so fun la!! and i didnt eat before i read your post - knowing im in for the best feeding

g0hy|3 said...

Hehe... I think the walking we did can kill the calories we consumed. Love the food at Singapore.

< u3! y!nG > said...

The food are very nice but I wasnt hungry after reading even with an empty stomach. It did make me wana eat tho. :P

lynnx01 said...

You don't miss home 'cos you always stay alone at home marr... no cute dogs like Shoobie. HAhahaa.. jk lah! :p