Monday, September 10, 2007

Hunger Pangs Alert!!

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure that you have eaten ur meal or has a snack nearby as the following post may cause you to become very hungry.

My recent trip to Singapore is another gastronomical experience. Our geng is indeed food lovers and we cannot escape from the fact that there is so much good food around us.

Back-dated to last Wednesday, 29.08.2007, thankfully I had taken the day off because I was doing last-minute packing and final meeting with the two Lynn sisters who were going off to their study places in a few more days. Not going to be around to send them off. This time around, I had packed quite lightly. There wasnt any guilty feeling of over-packing.
Fooling around in the plane
Our flight arrived early at JB and we immediately departed to Singapore using a pre-arranged transportation. We got a little lost when we tried to look for our accomodation at Joo Chiat. When we finally found it, we discovered that we were so near at the beginning of our search (when we thought we were lost). Our accomodation this time is graciously provided by Kelvin's Dad. A small but stylishly-designed 2-room apartment. Because we hadnt have dinner yet, Kelvin's Dad drove us all out to East Coast Lagoon Food Village. I had a pretty tasteless bowl of beef noodle. Wrong stall. Should have gone for the long queue stall. Sigh. Apart from the food, we were also awed by the dedication of the parking attendants who work at night to make sure each car has a parking coupon displayed on their car dashboard. Singapore Government very 'keng' le! Anyways, after the dinner, we get a tour around Geylang, Singapore's red light district. Yea, the amount of prostitutes there is... ermm...a lot.

Second day. According to our schedule, we are supposed to try to find Katong popiah and Katong laksa and tried them. But unfortunately, we have no idea to find such food. After walking along the shops at Joo Chiat Road (or was it Lane?), we think we did bought popiah from a stall. Not bad la...

Presenting the Crabmeat and Vegetable Popiahs

Orchard Road is the next place to go. We took a cab to Eunos MRT Station and from there, we went to Orchard by MRT. There is only shopping at Orchard Road.We started from Wisma Atria. Then it was lunch time. court la...
Our Lunch. That is my Seafood Hor Fun
The Geng

More shopping... Loads of walking. Esprit, Top Shop, G2000, etc. etc. We took our time to look around. Then, we found this place which sells Chocolate Fondue. Yum~~~~!!! We sat down and made our order.
Part of our order at Coffee Club, Takashimaya

Chocolate Fondue

We went to Lucky Plaza and then off to Manchester United merchandises-hunting. We didnt find any. It was a disappointment. We did get a clue of where it might be when we went window-shopping at Hard Rock Cafe. Then, we ate Burger King for dinner. After dinner, we decided we had enough for the day. So, we headed back home.

That, sort of, sums up what happen on the second day of Singapore Trip 2007.

Mud Slide by Coffee Club. Salivating?
Chocolate Fondue by Coffee Club. Chocolate madness, I tell you! I like Mango coated with Choco the best

Hahaha....More to come


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WooohooO! Makan trips are always fun!

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Yea.. I want to eat the chocolate cake. Ok, I so have to go out buy chocolate cake now. Nice to see the gang. Haven't seen them since last year. Say hi to them for me. :P

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mango and choco! a must try for me! ^^