Monday, September 17, 2007

Singapore Part 3

Day Five... Uncle brought us to Vivo City. Erm.. We did get lost along the way. So had a little sight-seeing before we truly arrived at Vivo City. Vivo City is where the Star Cruise people get aboard. We saw one of the cruise ships on the dock.
After breakfast at the Food Court and a short walk-around with us, Uncle left us to continue wandering around. Shopping-wise, it is the same with any other shopping centre we had been to in Singapore. Oh! Another thing about we noticed is that each Mango, Esprit, Top Shop and... I forgot what else... seems to operate on their own. What we can find in one branch doesnt mean you can find it at another branch or what is almost sold out in one branch and on a discount doesnt mean it is almost sold out at another branch so it is sold without a discount. Get it?
I met up with CK and we wandered to Marine Parade. Marine Parade, compared to Vivo City, seems to be of a lower class. Anyways, we decided to have Subway sandwich for lunch.
CK left us to join his friend while we continue to wander about. We looked around Marine Parade and the around Vivo City again.

We decided to leave Vivo City for Clarke Quay. The weather was so hot that we decided that we had to get some ice-cream. Hehe... No idea why this Hokkaido Ice-cream suddenly looks so yummy but I think we all get the Green Tea flavoured ice cream except for Aaron, who didnt get any ice-cream. After that, we hung out in the air-conditioned interior of the shooping centre which I forgot the name.
Yummy~~Yummy~~! Which one?! Which one?!

After walking about in that really hebatly-designed shopping centre, we found one of the makan places we were recommended to go. Yakun Kaya Toast.

Cheesy French Toast, soft boiled eggs and one cup of coffee

After Clarke Quay, we travelled home. That marks the end of Day Five.

Day 6... We explored Sentosa on the 6th day. Erm... Based on my daily expenditure, this is the day I spend the most. Cough blood~

Hmmm...That is something like my compulsory thing I want to go each time I go travelling... Hehe.. We had a walk at the beach of Sentosa before feeling the droplets of rain coming upon us. Erm... the beach at Sentosa is different than Miri's and KK's. It is... I am not so sure how to explain it.
We had a great time at the Underwater World. The touch pool...the underwater walk-thru... Oh~! This sea angel is so cute~~~!! Kawaii Ne~~!!!!

Sea Angel is a small snail creature that looks like angel and it lives in very cold temperature water. I took a video of the sea angel with my V3i but it is quite blur. You can get a better video in Youtube. :)

It started to rain ver heavily when we started our journey in the Underwater World but we got a ride on the bus to go to the next destination. My first time watching a 3D short film. Then, the Butterfly and Insect Park. The butterflies are all in hiding due to the rain but Kueh, Laura and I got to see a few butterflies around by walking around using our umbrellas.

We, then, rode the Carlsberg Tower to look around Sentosa and Singapore. Too bad the weather caused the windows to be blurry.We were really tired by that time. So, we decided to forgo the Merlion Walk and the Dolphin Show and used the cable car to leave Sentosa.

Since it was still early, we decided to go to Suntec to... shop somemore and to get our dinner. After the shopping, we went around the Fountain of Wealth to choose which restaurant we want to eat at. It is goooodddd...... Sizzling hot plate.

Kelvin bought Carls Jr. burgers and we began our way back home. Later that night, we shared the burgers. Needless to say, it is very very tasty lo.

That collage cannot fully potray the juicyness of the burger so I decided to show a close up of the Portabello Mushroom Beef Burger.

The burgers are not cheap lo. So, thanks to Kelvin for the treat.

Another day done. Final part of Singapore Trip coming soon. I gets hungry writing all these blog posts too le.


lynnx01 said...

This time the burger makes me feel hungry. HAhahaha!

g0hy|3 said...


Me too. It is so juicy and nice... Oh.. So tasty