Saturday, September 29, 2007

I hate myself sometimes

Been doing quite a lot of things after coming back from Singapore.

Had a little Mooncake Festival celebration at the office. Er... Ok, not really. Actually had a little craving for double yolk lotus paste mooncake so asked Joanna to buy one. Instead of a double yolk lotus paste, she bought an even better one, triple yolk lotus paste mooncake. Muahaha... Just that the yolk is not placed evenly in the mooncake so... some of the pieces is without yolk :P
Forgot to show you all the CPA mouse I am using now. Got it from CPA Members' Dinner. The door gift. As soon as I brought this mouse home, the one I was using at that time went dead and so I switch to this CPA mini optical mouse. :P And... yes, that is a can of corns. It was my dinner that day.

Also, got yam-cha with Jeng. Gossip gossip...

Ohya... Celebrate Mooncake Festival at office. Almost forgotten about this. Few of us ordered pizza for lunch. The pizzas were surprisingly tasty. It tasted better than what we had at the restaurant itself. Dont know why.

History repeats when I obtained the 7-in-1-go combination again during Rami session. Hehe... Now hoping that I can get the other winning combination which I havent gotten so far.

Attended the IRB tax seminar on Thursday. Was with Irene and it felt like old times... the time when we attended lectures together. Too bad YiLeen is not with us.


lynnx01 said...

Wah.. triple yolk?

Pizza looks yummy. Must be 'cos whole day I haven't eaten. Going makan now. I foresee a big dinner! Lols!! Bye.

koko said...

Why do you hate yourself? for eating too much????

g0hy|3 said...

lynnx01, the pizzas were really tasty. But cant eat for too often lo.

koko, hate myself for many many reasons. A bit emotional recently.