Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So...yea, it is my 25th birthday. That is me two months ago. The me now is still the same plus some facial imperfections aka loads more blackheads and almost-gone pimple scars.

Ah! Had a different dinner with the Goh cousins at Coffee Bean. Actually, I wanted to get dinner elsewhere but... decided to go for Coffee Bean. Note - Only I had dinner at Coffee Bean. The Goh cousins didn't.
Thanks to the Am-sisters for the Tiramisu cake and the Mocha Latte. Am-sisters --> Amanda, Amabel and Amelia. Oh! I had the Chef's Tuna for dinner. The salad is quite nice.

Itu dia, Amanda

Amabel and Amelia

I am sleepy and going to sleep.


jazz said...

Happy Birthday, ning jie!!
I din realise they cud be the AM sisters. Hehehe

Sherp said...

Am sisters! so creative! and aww abelle and mimi looked so cute!
ahning's smile is AAWW..
and of course, Ningjie! the birthday girl, you look so nice in the first pic, bt as humble as usual.

g0hy|3 said...

Thank you!

Am-sisters - I noticed it quite some time ago. Just never said it out.

Ah Ning took the pic of Abelle and Mimi - She is just so in love with my handphone.

ღAmandaa said...


so, how was your birthday?

lynnx01 said...

I hope I don't sound too blunt but Amelia in medical terms mean "no limbs".

-αмαвε|- said...

haha!itu amanda kept on taking photos without ppl knowing one.LOL!

g0hy|3 said...

Amanda, my birthday was... plain compared to my previous year. I seems to be quite inactive this year.

Lynnx, hmmm.. that is a bit scary to hear. Haha...

amabel, that's what I love about the phone. Take pictures without people knowing.