Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bursting Full

I think I have eaten too much for two particular meals...

Steamboat the night before...was so filling that I gained 2kgs from it. Gasp! I rather not think about it but I will focus on losing it and many more body weight.

Then... today, I went to Brunei with the geng. We had Excapade for lunch. Ate quite a bit that I am not hungry for quite long.... I even skipped dinner.

Ah! I am sort of happy with my shopping items from Brunei. I bought something that is made from Korea and I have seen the advertisement of it. Hmm... I cant remember who is the artist in the advertisement but I know I seen this product before and I was totally stunned when I first saw it. Hehe... Will definitely take pictures when I open it. Muahaha... Let me show you the CF first. There are two versions:-


Pictures from steamboat will be posted soon. :D

Ah! The picture is in.


áƒĤAmandaa said...

He is Hee Chul from Super Junior :D

Sherp said...

he looks girly. hahaha

lynnx01 said...

The 2kg is just water la.. pee more and it will be gone.

g0hy|3 said...

I wrongly phrased my sentence. I didnt know who was the guy when I was standing at the supermarket looking at the Pepero. But when I saw the video, I know that the guy is HeeChul. :D

And yes, he is quite girly.

Lynnx, really? I am scared to stand on the weight scale because of this 2kg...Shall stand on it tonight to see if there is any drop.