Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I wish

At times like this, I wish I can read and speak Japanese. Though I doubt that I will really go and read everything on that page 'cause I have articles in Chinese and I dont bother to read them at all.

Ah! I just gotten pressured to blog la... Carol lah~

Truthfully... I have been hanging out with the Am-sisters. I havent gotten to try yoga with them using the Rodney's Yoga Burn. Hopefully soon though.

Oh...Another thing. My dad has promised me a new handphone... I have told him that I want this.

Sony Ericsson C902

This is after getting opinion from Yuanz... I dont have much opinion la... So, as others may say 'Welcome to the Sony Ericsson Club!'

Ohya! Went for a facial wash at Clara's (near Citrus) with Laura last Saturday. The extraction process is so... nice (?)... relaxing(?)... oh! Satisfying! Yea... For RM100... They have good skills. I dont mind going back if I have the extra cash... hehe... :p

P/s: Extraction process is the part of the facial wash when they get all the blackheads, whiteheads and pimples extracted... Hehe..

Err... My favourite addictive thing to do at this moment is to save tons and tons of pictures of Dong Bang Shin Ki...
Bah... I need to get a life.


Sherp said...

aw hero

i wish one day i can go to some kind of facial treatment, or massage. ooooh that will be soooooo relaxing!

g0hy|3 said...

Forgot to mention that the pic of Hero is of him being endorsed by Slingstone.Err... Slingstone clothing.

Facial? Massage? You will have the chance.