Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lost Track

With the opening of the new Kaya & Toast next to Hong Leong Bank, the geng and I wasted no time to try it out the place last week... It was somewhat mediocre but the management assured that they will improve. Refer here.

Anyways... Been back to work for three days already. It has been... hectic? Not really. Boring? Of course not. Just still trying to get used to it.

Each time I change some things in my daily routine, my whole routine will be totally disrupted. Eg., I would blog-reading when I go online but nowadays (specifically these three days), I haven't done so. It is weird. I feel as if I am missing out on so much right now. Or I am not blogging at all... I just feel so guilty.

Err... Anyhow, I will find my rhythm again...

My room's light decided to go disco-like since last night. It kept flashing and flashing - sign of "I am broken. Please replace me." How ar? Got to remember to replace it tomorrow before it gets too dark.

Actually, I am nervous. Nervous of tomorrow. Nervous of the birthday present choice that I have made. Suddenly not so sure if it is the right one. Gosh... I am so nervous!!

Dad has been buying me Excapade sushi since Excapade opened a branch opposite our house. :D


jazz said...

It's ok if u dun blog-reading for 3 days. You will be so surprised to find lots of posts to read. I read everyday till I have nothing to read and getting sick of internet. This is so rare of me since i like to go online a lot. =)

Sherp said...


aah maaaaaan. i wana eat :(

present choice?? hmmmmmmmmmm???

g0hy|3 said...

jazz, yea, I found so much new posts in my regularly-read-blogs. But somehow, I lost the desire to read them. :p

sherp, yum yum... haha...
Present choice - Birthday Present choice. I bought a birthday present for HLing and I was not sure if she will like it. So I was nervous. Btw, she is ok with it... Not really her style. :D

lynnx01 said...

Gorgeous sushis!