Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bits and pieces from Penang Trip

I think I shall be blogging a whole loads from my trip this time... Or I just so happen to have plenty to say now and then nothing else later. Penang and Malacca are places that I have never been before so maybe that's why I have plenty to say.

And so, first thing to talk about is not something from Penang. Hehe... It is my first shopping item of the trip - before I even left Miri - I bought Starbucks keychain. Hehe.... It is a ox year edition pewter keychain which you can get for RM 4.80 if you purchase more than RM18 of Starbucks.

Upon arrival at Penang, we drove past this building that resembles KL Twin Tower.. It even has the aerobridge.

Talking about building, Penang also has the most beautiful KFC building. I am not sure if this building is the one but it sure looks special. We didnt go to eat KFC but we drove past the building a few times and I tried my best to capture the best shot of it each time we drive past.

And since we dont go clubbing, we organised our own co-curiculum activity in the hotel room. Rummy! Erm... had a little bit of supper that we bought from Cold Storage.

By the way, we had two connecting rooms - Aaron and gf shared a room while Laura, Kelvin and I shared a room. We moved the little marble table to be in between of the two single beds and so... we rumm-ied. :p

On the first day of our trip... I have spend nearly half of my budget because i wanted to get a perfume and I saw it on that very night and I bought it. :p

It is Vera Wang's Flower Princess. The word 'Flower' is not written on the bottle... but it is on the packaging. Beautiful bottle, right? The perfume is actually pinkish, not purplish as seen from the picture above.

Apart from that, I have also purchased two books, New Moon and Breaking Dawn. I think I am lucky to have purchased Breaking Dawn because I couldnt find it at all in KL. As for Eclipse, it is totally unavailable. The geng and I basically has combed thru all the bookshops that we saw. Last item is this Chupa-Chups that I saw at the Penang Airport. Giant Chupa-Chups. Hehe... Didnt buy it la... Pointless to buy.

Erm... Shall be continue next time. I still havent arranged the rest of the pics. Ganbatte!!


jazz said...

wah.. u had a lot of fun hoh.. :D

lynnx01 said...

How much is that giant chupa chup?

g0hy|3 said...

yea... It is fun because it is still new. My first time there.

The chupa chups... no idea la. I didnt look at the price. :p