Thursday, February 26, 2009

It has been fun

And so, I am back from holidays again. It has been fun and tiring. I heard that there are piles of things for me to do when I go back to office. Ah! I am scared!!

Anyways, I should just proceed on detailing every single aspect of the trip I had. My first time going to Penang and Malacca. Truthfully, I should have been to these places long ago but I missed out on the chance. Nevertheless, now, I can finally say that I have been there.

17.02.2009 The geng departed from Miri on the 10am flight to LCCT. Kueh left the geng for KL City while the rest of us waited to fly to Penang. On the flight, we had 1901 hotdogs. Something we decided to get due to the extra credit we had from the exchange of Bangkok ticket.
Alas, we arrived at Penang, feeling very tired. I kept experiencing popping sounds in my ears. Too much pressure. Possibly due to the fact that I was suffering froma bit of flu.

We stayed at Bayview Hotel - a bit lousy but I heard most hotels, except for those resort hotels, are like this as well.

After a quick refreshing, we headed to Gurney Plaza. It was refreshing there because it is something like the shopping malls in KL but with so much less people and everything is so bright and new.
After a little walk, we walked to the nearby Gurney Walk (?) to find something to eat. Erm... half of the stalls were actually closed while the other half were operating.

The food isn't too bad. I had the Fried Kuey Tiaw and Bubur Chacha. Complaint! My fried kuey tiaw is too expensive. RM3.50 for such a small plate. Consolation - the prawns are quite huge and fresh. Ok lo....

Ah! No more time. Will continue later.

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