Thursday, February 12, 2009

I think I am too

I think I am getting sick too... With so many people getting sick around me, it has been a wonder that I survive till now.

Last night, my throat was a bit dry-ish and then this morning, I had sore throat... Now, still dry throat. I am sure that it will become sore throat again. Must get some medication to drink.

Just saw the commercial on television that the movie adapted from a book by Dan Brown, Angels and Demons, will be out soon. I believe Lynnwei has mentioned to me before about this book. Hmm... I want to read it.

Two more days of work... and then off to West Malaysia. Yes!


Sherp said...

oh nooooo u are getting sick no no no!
pls get better sooon before it get worse.
and the fries look like a .. fish. or fork with only one dip haha

hav fun in west msia!

nanotayy said...

French fries!! :P

take care!!

And enjoy yourself in the three places that you're going. heee

jazz said...

wah.. shopping? have fun!!

g0hy|3 said...

Sherp, the fries actually, we thought, looks more like a love. Hehe... I should have taken a better photo of it.

Nanotay, thanks.

Jazz, it will be sight-seeing plus shopping. :D