Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I suspect

For ppl who knows of my home, they will know that my home is actually quite audible and close to my neighbours. I have the habit of having the car porch light on whole night and my neighbour has the habit of not having the car porch light on.

Today... I noticed something. I came home late and I forgot to switch on the porch light when i was home earlier of the evening. My neighbour had their porch light on and mine is off.

After I entered the house, I switched on the porch light and out of curiousity, I looked over to my neighbour's porch and noticed that their porch light is off!

Hmm... My conclusion is that my neighbour must be very caring of me. Stayed up late to wait for me to come home.



irene said...

Hahaha... Or save electricity.. Share the porch light... hehehe :p

-αмαвε|- said... nice!haha

jazz said...

hahaha it's like auto, when u off, theirs on and when urs is on, theirs is off.