Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is it going down the drain again?

My 10kg Challenge is changed to September Challenge due to a specific reason. I mentioned it to LS and she doesnt have much confidence in me reaching this. She said that I have been saying it forever and never see any result.
I guess she is right.
I cant remember the last time I went to Micheal's Steamboat. What have changed there? Well, they dont use margarine anymore. They now use cooking oil for the bbq part. Then.. other than that, I have no idea.
Then... after some time, I went to eat pizza hut at Pizza Hut. Had Deli Wings... So yummy... Actually, I dont mind having the classic flavour again. Been eating these new flavours for too many times.

Then dinner on the same day...Citrus... Ermm... I shall console myself that there is no meat. I had the Mushroom Fiesta Pasta... Halfway through eating my dinner, this thought appeared in my mind. I miss eating meat. Haha... A failure in becoming a vegetarian.

Ermm... After eating so much, I was thinking to have something really beneficial. A boost of vitamin. So... I had a bottle of passion fuit prepared... It was kind of sour so I actually get awaken by its sourness when I was a bit sleepy.

I am feeling a bit bored. Doesnt know what to do. I have things to do but I just cant bring myself to work on those. This is bad. I am getting lazier.

Expecting myself to be more and more busy at work.


nanotayy said...

ningjie, im hungry now. kesal betul I come here. haha! all the food. ah! hahah!
& long time no see. haha! :P

Artowawa said...

Jia you o!

LingDi said...