Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pasta Fiesta

Ah~ Citrus is having a Pasta Fiesta at the moment. I have tried its Thai Tom Yam Seafood Pasta. It has really mild tom yam taste which is just nice.

Office has lost a guy colleague. We are now down to only four guy colleagues (inclusive of YB Boss). Kind of sad, right? This figure will continue to dwindle down as another guy will leave at the end of this month. Gee...

Work has been really hectic recently. Time just breezed through. I am actually dreading the workload. Maybe it is the tiredness. I guess one can only stay enthusiastic about such amount of work for a few years and then he or she will burn out.

The walking at the hill routine went on for four days and then now, a break. Expecting to eat less in this coming week onwards~ I shall call it my September Challenge.

Feeling kind of down-ish at the moment. Pissed off in fact. Resignation...

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