Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long time no update

I know. It has been another long absence. Blogger's block. After two days of being in the draft format, I finally have the ... inspiration to write. I hope that it is not short-term inspiration. Hehe...

And so, on the day before Nanotay's birthday, we cousins went out to Bintang Megamall for some picture taking for Group C, eating and talking nonsense. I finally tried Secret Recipe's Tom Yam and it isnt too bad. Nanotay treated us donuts...which I eventually brought home the remaining two as my breakfast...
My dad is in love with a new eating place... Dinner place. It is a place in Krokop 5. The fish is really fresh and cheap... But then, the veggie....not much to say. Eat fish can lah. btw, that is a bowl of bitter gourd soup.
Dont be alarmed. Just me and HLing preparing for office's carpet changing event. We have been warned by the other department of the strong glue odour and the dustiness during carpet changing so all of us had prepared mouth mask.

During my 4-year there, I have never reach such emptiness on my table. This is amazing. Pardon me for that patch of dust. I wiped my table before I removed my computer. So...
Anyways, turned out that the mask is useless because...number one. We can still smell the glue but managed to escape the dustiness. Number two. HLing and I were ordered to clean Boss's Office so we escaped most of the carpet changing mess.

Going to fly off tomorrow to KK... my luggage is halfway packed. Hehe... No mood to pack liaw. Hehe...I am so into Facebook nowadays that I am scared of myself. What will i be without internet? without Facebook?

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Sherp said...

nooooooooo my mouth is watering. bitter gourd! :(
the donuts look delicious too!

aaaah u going to kl already! hope u will be having lots of fun!