Friday, July 03, 2009

When One is Sick

One can be so blur.

I went to pump petrol after I went to consult doctor about my flu. When the pump meter almost reaching RM50, it stopped. I was like 'what the heck is wrong with this pump?' At that moment...

Pump Attendant : Miss, sudah penuh o.
Me : Apa? Har... Macam mana? Oh no~
Pump Attendant : Tak apa. Saya cuba.

Thanks goodness for the existence of the pump detector (for detecting that my car tank is almost full) and for the existence of pump attendant (for helping me to pump in RM50 worth of fuel). I didnt realise that my fuel tank still has one bracket left. Usually I pump RM50 when the tank is almost empty. Blur...

Another thing - Usually the car fuel tank meter goes up slow and steady after I pump petrol. That day... it went up in less than a second. Haha...

I finally reached my goal of 1000 messages. The proof.

It now has more than that...

Ah~ Usually CMF's birthday is celebrated in a rush manner... We dont have time to celebrate in a leisurely manner because it is the busiest time. This time... we went to makan lor. Gossip-ing. I would be lying if I said we weren't gossip-ing. it is women's natural to gossip. :p

Dad brought Mum and I to this place at Krokop 5 to eat dinner... on the day I took my sick leave. Mum made the order...and she ordered the unusual combination of veggie. Unusual because we dont usually order those. I have no idea how to say it. But... the food is nice and cheap. Main point. CHEAP and NICE.
On the 1st... our office had a really long electricity blackout. From about 3pm to 5pm, I think. I went upstairs to hang out. Hehe... What to do when you have nothing to do? We took pictures. Just two pictures la.... Seriously only two pictures.
I resized the above picture to a smaller than my usual size because... I am in my aunt hairstyle and Lolabunny's hair is a bit messy. Dont want you guys to zoom in to see.... Hehe..
I am ridiculous. I know.
I am contemplating between having my hair straighten or curled... Please advise...Somehow, I have a feeling I might go for straight look again...with fringe.


nanotayy said...

yeah. straight hair with fringe and dye . :P

im having flu too :(


lynnx01 said...

Go for fringe! I am getting my hair done soon.. hate the flatness post-rebonding.

As for curls, I think you need to really maintain them. Put those mousse or something.

Shin said...

wa, i feel hungry now :(

Sherp said...

oooh.. i went here last time and it says error like the type in wgtg fashion. but finally okay now. maybe it was just my internet?

aah are u still ill??
hmm.. take care!

also! 1000 emails?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >__________<