Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sick Leave

Last month, in the midst of all the busy-ness, my colleagues and I went online to order a bunch of stuff... and it came today....

Just finished sorting it out. Something is missing. Ah~ Have to sort it out tomorrow because the updated list is in the office.

Went to see doctor in the afternoon. Normal flu...Still have a bit of fever, according to the doctor.

Since there is nothing to eat at home, I bought some veggie and instant porridge.

You might also noticed that I have a pack of spaghetti in the plastic bags. I have unconsciouly bought it. Must be craving for some pasta... Actually, I wanted to buy some sardine, bread and cucumber...but I was worried that I will spread the flu virus to my colleagues so.. cancelled thought.

Ah~ My abalone-flavoured porridge with...siaw bai cai. Hehe
Going to take out what I bought to take pic for


jazz said...

Aaww.. poor u, no one to cook for u. wish i am there to cook. lately, i like to cook for ppl. hehe..

Sherp said...

eee ur porridge looks so nice eh..