Friday, October 15, 2010

Diary Entry No.1

Had an inspiration this morning-to make some sort of diary blog. Err.. Weight loss diary blog. Hehe..

Anyways... here goes.

Day 1 should have been 12th October,2010 (Monday)because I just got back from my KK trip and has definitely gained some weight. Turned out I didnt start on that day. Therefore, it becomes Day 0. hehe..

Day 1 , 13th October 2010, I drank the drink during lunch. Normal breakfast and dinner. Damn hungry. Urgh...

Day 2, I drank the drink for breakfast. Normal lunch. Indulge in Hartz Chicken Buffet for dinner.

Day 3, I have lost the 2 kgs gained during KK trip. Amazing! Err..well, actually I always lose the travelling-gained-weight pretty fast. So no biggie. Drank the drink for breakfast and lunch. I also consume half a biji of pineapple. Yum... Then a plate of lamb chop for dinner.

Day 4... Today... Not drinking the drink today cos I have meal appointment with different ppl. Hehe.. BBQ tonight~! Muahaha..

Hopefully Saturday I will be able to continue the drinking program. :D


LingDi said...

What are you drinking??!!

g0hy|3 said...

Some shake that supposedly contains the needed nutrition... Dunno if it will work though. :p