Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Entry no.4

Yesterday shud consider as a successful day. I managed to make do my breakfast and lunch with just the shakes. Then a glass of kopi c in the afternoon to curb the hunger... Dinner was ... Hehe.. I had a bowl of gan mien, scoopful of mun mien, a few pieces of chicken feet and a few pieces of chicken. Ohyes... Hungry!!

Today I decided only to have the shake as breakfast. Too hungry today. Too much walking around this morning... Perhaps... Shall update again..

Btw felt slimmer yesterday. Not so bloated... Then this morning I felt that my work skirt is less tight... I thnk I am losing my puffiness


dean said...

Hey, make sure you get enough nutrition and calories you need to survive. It is not good if you are really hungry and feeling weak!

g0hy|3 said...

definitely will. the shake is supposed to have all the nutritions.and I am supposed to be energised by it. Just need to let my body get used to it. It is hard!