Thursday, October 28, 2010


Monday.. Shake for breakfast... Can't remember what I had the rest of the day. Oh.. Dinner at LS's house. Yum~!

Tuesday... Shake for breakfast again. Lunch with LS... Country chicken rice. It has been so long since I had that. Dinner at LS's house again. Oh... Fried kimchi pork~ my mouth waters at the thought of the sour kimchi.

Wednesday... Got cheated by dad. I thought he wanted me to accompany him for breakfast so I forsaken my shake but turned out there wasn't enough time so I had to make do with a cup of cappuccino and later a stick of fishballs and one fragrant mushroom pork bun. Lunch was economical rice... Dinner was supposed to be a shake but due to time constraint, I only had a pear as I headed out of the house then a plate of tomyam spaghetti and spring roll at Secret Recipe. Simply too much...

Thursday.. Today... Had a seminar at Imperial Hotel. I limit myself to one piece per pastry and there were only two pastries. Boo! Anyways... Dinner was combo chicken & steak set at Best Western. Yum~,no shake today... :(

Oh dear.. So darn sleepy now..

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