Sunday, October 01, 2006

Subconsciously Berpuasa

Should be going to play badminton this morning but I dont feel like going out at all when I woke up at 900am this morning. When I want to find something to eat, I dont want to eat instant noodle so I didnt eat. Instead I just drink the white grape juice with aloe vera and went online to play neoquest. Then, I drank another cup of grape juice for lunch... Fell alsleep on the sofa at 3pm till 6pm...

Usually I cannot stand not eating anything so not eating anything is a total amazement... Perhaps I should try again tomorrow and then see if I can lose some fats. Hehe... I know it is unhealthy though...But let's treat this as de-toxifying my body.... Only drink liquid....

Went out to a Mooncake Festival stalls at Boulevard with Karen, Laura and Kelvin. Then I 'berbuka puasa'...which reminds me that I have not been to the Ramaddan stalls since it started. Hmm...I want to eat sambal stingrays...Anyway, Thomas came much later and we all went to Bintang Plaza to watch Rob-B-Hood, Jackie Chan latest movie.

In the movie, Jackie Chan is a ever-losing gambler and Louis Koo is a playboy. Together, they teamed up with their landlord to steal from the rich. They are commissioned to kidnap a baby boy and when they (Jackie and Louis) failed to give the baby to the people who commissioned them, they have to take care of the baby. In the end, they saved the baby from near-death (the bad guy tried to kill the baby) and went to jail due to kidnapping. The family of the baby then employ them and it was a happy ending.

The movie has a few of guest celebraties. A lot of funny scenes as well as 'scary' moments. The baby is so cute. So so cute!!

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