Thursday, October 26, 2006

Excite me

Just now when I sort of watch tv while making preparation for sandwich-making, I heard the actress say something like 'No, I am not destroying my dreams, I am destroying yours.'

This is a very common phrase spoken by the child to the parent who has a high expectation of what the kid should do. It makes me think of my parents. What are their expectations of me?

Have I ever let them down? Destroy their dreams of me?

I remember Mum telling me that she gave me the education I pursued in Curtin just to see me stand on the stage receiving my degree recognition. I remember her being so proud of me and taking photos of me during the graduation ceremony. How embarassed I was to stand still for three seconds for her to take my pic while I was on my way to my seating place. Her dismay to discover that the camera is not working well and she couldnt take more photos. Despite of saying that she will not give me any financial support to pursue CPA, she still give me her support, spiritually and financially. I will never stop remembering that she is there for me all the time.

I love you, Mum.

I remember being very surprised at my dad's cuteness when he wanted to use the car but I also wanted to use it as well. How he gleefully grab the keys when he knew that I got my friend to fetch me. I remember how enthusiastic he is when he found his childhood photo and proudly hang it in the extended living room. I sensed his worries when he found that I have not returned home and it is already late. Nevertheless, he gives me his full support all the time and provide me with my home.

I love you, Dad.

Nah, I am still fulfilling my parents' expectation for me. To live my life to the fullest.


I will be on leave after work tomorrow. It is time for me to sit down and study Financial Accounting CPA 111. Exam is on the 8th Nov and I still have plenty more to read. I think Mum is giving me pressure when I found a photo of me graduating from kindergarten. So weird to see myself in the photo. Erk!

Not only am I facing exam, i will be flying straight away after the exam to KK. So I will need to pack my stuff for the trip which I am not sure how will I do it.

Aiyaks...btw, today, Joanna and I are the only ones in the office. So quiet... Tomorrow it will be a little better, I hope... :P


Sherp said...

good luck for ur exams on Nov. * got exams too here wa...!!! hehe... Jas is coming!

Anonymous said...

so you feel your parents' love for you, how r u going to reciprocate? Children nowadays always think that parents should sacrify for them (sometimes they think it is a must) but they always take for granted, always receive and never give back ..........