Sunday, October 15, 2006

I cant think of a heading

Was in the mood to make things to eat on Thursday night. And so I made sandwiches and jellies. This is the first time I make jellies using the plastic molds. My first attempt was a blooper. It wouldnt come out of the mold and when I forced it out with a spoon, it fell apart. Total frustration.

My first attempt of jellies

At 9 sumthing am on Friday morning, I started my second batch of jellies after consulting Aunt Cecilia about my disasterous first attempt. My second attempt was an ok. It didnt come apart although it was difficult to get it out of the mold.

My second attempt of jellies

Food at annual dinner

It is time of the year again for company annual dinner. Joanna, Huiling and Chai came over to my place to get ready for the dinner. At Cafe Rosita, two long tables were reserved for us. The food is served in buffet style and it is actually specially for Ramaddan. We (referring to Chai, Joanna, Laura, Kelvin and I) arrived among the earliest and left as the last few ones. We went to Al Fresco to have a drink before going home. Chai and Joanna overnight at my place. We chatted till 3am before falling asleep. We actually planned to sleep in bedrooms but we ended sleeping in the living room. :p

On Saturday, we woke up when Jong came over. Gosh... so sleepy le. But still went to eat breakfast and play badminton. After badminton, we went to eat/drink cold drinks at the rojak shop near Petronas.

I slept like a dead log the rest of the afternoon. I think I still float around feeling half dead till this Sunday afternoon.

Btw, ever wonder if I look good with curly hair. Here is a pic of me with curly hair..hehe...


sei koko said...

For jellies to come out nice and smoothly from the mould, b4 pouring the hot jelly into the mould, rinse the mould with cold water first, ie pour the hot jelly into the wet mould... to take out the jelly, use a toothpick and slowly go round the edge of the jelly mould and then slowly use the toothpick to pluck the jelly out of the mould... happy trying!!

ManDaGoh said...

sei koko?
YOu look more mature with curly hair

l y n n w e i said...

wah...the jellies looks yummy~~~~

hhmm..yea, i think u look reli nice with curly hair..will make yr face look more sharp!

g0hy|3 said...

It will a long while before I attempt to make jellies... Need to have the mood to make it..hehe...

Curly hair... Maybe in the future I will get this hair style... Just maybe