Sunday, October 29, 2006

Talk about steamboat

Steamboat is something that is really easy to make. Just throw a few things into a boiling pot and yum! yum! I seems to lose the inspiration on steamboat talk le... :P

Had steamboat the other day and was really full. It was so much fun though. Hehe

Ohye! Went to Snowflake Drink Stall for a cool refreshing drink. A place worth going o. Erm..My pic prob dun look as ravishing as my previous refreshing drink photo but trust me when I say it is equally as good.

Last night, I went to Lynns' place to have a special dinner. Erm..took this pic with Abelle. This is what happen when you are using a camera phone and someone else is using digital camera with flash. A mixture of bright and dark... :P

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