Thursday, October 05, 2006

Losing more blood

Contrary to Lynnx, I didnt attend any class to study blood... I am referring to my purse. My expensive Braun Buffel long purse. Losing a lot of blood and will lose even more blood in the future. This month is a harsh month. I need to pay a whole lots of stuff this month. A lot of cash outflow...argh...

Recently, there is a lot of talk about me getting more and more horizontal. How I wish I can get more vertical because I am sort of vertically-challenged. Lynnx wish that she can become cuter when she eats more, I wish that I can grow taller if I eat more.

I discovered that I actually wrote a lot of blog posts about food. Always make my readers hungry. So this post is no difference. Here is a pic of my lunch today at Fratini's. Err... Linguine Ai something something...hehe...forgot the name la. Basically pasta with seafood.


Talking about the America Next Top Model 5 that just finished broadcasting in Channel V this week... The winner is Nicole and the runner-up is Nik.

Honestly, I think Nicole do not deserve to be the winner. Nik is more worthy to win because of her overall performance. This is the first time I disagree with the choice of winner. Perhaps I dont get what these professionals people are thinking.

Nicole, the winner

Nik, the runner-up


I dont use Picasa to edit my pics this week because I am using yuanz's laptop to go online. So back to the basic. Using what is available... Just upload my pics as it is...


ManDaGoh said...

Me tOo..
I think Nik's pictures better than Nicole
And Nicole's attitude... 'sigh'
I'm so disappointed ...

lynnx01 said...

Oh, that type of blood. Well, we're all growing up.. have to handle responsibilities.

Hehehhee.. I wish I can grow taller too when I eat, but I just studied bones last week. It seems like our epipysheal plate will disappear as we grow older, probably late teens.. that plate in the bones are the one responsible for growth. I think my epiphyseal plate disintergrated yearsssss ago.. probably when I was 11? LOL

Sherp said...

ya lo.. i was blank for a moment, but now im clued up haha~ spaghetti don appeal to me as much as all those rice, noodles, fishball stuff u post haha... but like amabel says, "air liur meleleh" haha!!!