Thursday, November 02, 2006

I am Screwed

Went to work yesterday. Thinking that it will be a relaxing day but I was so wrong.

I went to work knowing that I will be wrapping up an assignment that needed approval from my boss. What I din anticipate is how much I still need to do and how much time I will need to have it done. Not only that, apparently another client of mine has been looking for me since Monday and so the thing she want me to do is, well, urgent. Need to be done on that day.

So busy that I think I must be the busiest person in the whole office. So much of a relaxing day.

After window shopping with Joanna and Laura at night, I slumped on the sofa watching CSI. No studying yet. I promise to myself that I will try to at least read two-third of Module 5 today.

But I woke up late this morning. Feeling so sleepy o. In fact, it is already noon now and I have not really started studying.

I am SO screwed...


l y n n w e i said...

hows ur stdies now?? u've got to do well, k!!!

for ur future, for ur mom, for grandma! no ones wants to see u do badly!

jia you!!!

Prince of Darkness said...

Messy accounts...haha I hate tat as well :) Sometimes i just wish tat I can call up tat client and give them a great scolding...