Saturday, November 11, 2006

I tried...

Hey hey

I am still in KK, of course...Haha! Currently at Starbucks again. Today had to go thru the drizzle to get to here. Tonight, the place is filled with customers 'cause it is Friday...

So i guess i will start describing my trip like I always do.

On the 9th, early morning, I devoured a plate of rice with meat and veggie and an egg. Mum prepared it for me as dinner but Dad was late at delivering it to me so I had it for breakfast instead. After that, Dad sent me to airport to catch my flight. I arrived at 7am to find the queue extremely long. I waited faithfully while staring longingly at the short or non-existant queue at Airasia. Oh! I forgot to mention that I was queuing at the FAX queue.... The queue was significantly shortened when another counter decided to open to service the passenger to Labuan. My happiness turned into embarassment as I reached the counter and was told by the lady that I am supposed to be at the Airasia queue. The queue that I was staring and longing to be at. Damn! So embarassing la. Just as I rushed over to the correct queue which at the moment only has one person, the lady shouted out 'Passengers to KK please proceed to the line over there.'

Aiyaks...Haha... Almost of them rushed over as well. Not that embarrassing after all.

Anyway, after I took my flight pass, I went into the departure hall and at the same time, wondering why is my flight boarding time is 745am... My Airasia intinerary shows that my flight is at 845am so why boarding at 745 le? weird... As I scrutinised the whole hall for a place to sit, I saw someone familiar. A familiar face... A high school friend le..Haha...But is that her? I have no idea. But no harm trying to call out her name though...hehe...Is her le..Great! I actually would have a companion during the flight.
Eii..wait.... I mentioned about my weird flight time. Eii.. I actually boarded the plane at 745 le. How come? I mentioned it to my friend. She wasnt sure too. But the flight pass should be correct lo. We boarded at 755. We flew... We arrived at 845am at KK.

Adu... If I have went to the airport slower, I might have missed my flight. What is wrong with Airasia? Cheat me issit? Want me to miss my flight issit? I got proof that the intinerary is wrong. What the ****?

Anyway...I used a cab to go to Marina Court Resort Apartment. A colleague was waiting for me and then together we went to the place we are supposed to audit.

Lemme see... my workplace isnt too bad. I was a bit confused and not sure of what to do at first but a senior colleague got me going and I am still on my way to complete the job given to me.

Anyway... That night we went to Ocean Seafood Restaurant to makan...hahah... Yum yum... I have pics to show but I want to use Picasa to show it to you all so the pics will have to wait.

I suddenly realised that my days are actually all work..and then night time is play time and also work time as we need to rush the job. We are only going to be here for two weeks and so we need to rush to have everything done so that we will not have anything left over.

Ohya! After makan, we went to walk by the waterfront. The place is really nice. A lot of restaurants and they are all very friendly ( most probably so that they can do our business and feed us with food). There is also this night market and so we bought a comb of bananas before leaving the place. As we walked back to our apartment, we noticed that there is Starbucks and aimed to go there for online purposes. Ei! Something else beside it attracts our attention. Secret Recipe. Hehe..

Personally I have never been to Secret Recipe. I heard about it countless of time from Lynnx and often wonder about it. So we went in and bought a few cakes to bring back to our apartment to makan.

Work is really a very tiring thing as we have no slack time at all. Usually we can slack a bit and relax a bit before continue working but here, no play just work.

Ohya! Not wanting to fall sick, we actually cooked green bean soup and chrysathemum tea to drink for cooling down. Cool huh?

Well... tomorrow is Sunday. We will go to Tanjung Aru to have more fun... Hehe

A view from the living room of the apartment


Sherp said...

nice view...
eee, airasia nearly cost u to miss the flight.. maybe they misprint it, or wanted to say u arrive at 8.45? haha..

lynnx01 said...

my goodness, hope i didn't sound like an annoying secret recipe addict or freak to you. lol! so how was the cake? i stopped going to secret recipe nowadays.. no more friend to go to.. and so expensive some more.. hmmmm.. starbucks more expensive huh.

l y n n w e i said...

wah....airasia is really licik~ how could they do such a thing!!!

praise God u went to airport early! hehe..

hope to read more of ur post about ur KK trip!!! =)