Thursday, November 23, 2006

Preview~~ Preview~~!

Hey hey

Haiya... I am back from KK... arrived in Miri at around 2.15pm yesterday.

Erm... I actually slipped and fell on my butt and also broke the laptop screen in the process. After I discovered that the laptop screen is broken, I lost the heart and eagerness to blog and go online. So, I didnt whine about going out somewhere to go online and blog as I expected that I would. Surprisingly I didnt go berserk from not having internet connection.

In fact, I enjoyed myself so much in KK that I dont want to come back. The silence and stillness at home nearly bored me to death last night. I felt so suffocated that I decided to call Lynnx to 'boil phone porridge.' Talked till both of our phones ran out of battery juice and continued talking while the phones are charging.

I thought I must have gained kilos after devouring so much food in KK but when I weighted myself yesterday, I discovered that I have actually just gained an extra kilo. Phew! But not so fast, I still need to lose some serious weight. Somemore, I seriously need to be more hardworking to make myself a mei-nu cause there is no ugly woman, just lazy woman. I hope this encouragement will last long enough for me to see some effect in my life.

Btw, right now, I am not posting any pictures cause I just came back from yam-cha with Jeng and Elsie and my pc is so slow that I want to cry. So slow that I am not in the mood to arrange the pictures to make collages for photo-posting. Anyway, I am waiting for the other pictures from other handphones and camera to choose the nicest pictures. Hehe....So, Carol, patience... Kesabaran adalah separuh dari Keimanan Hahah~~!!

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