Sunday, November 26, 2006

The long awaited

Firstly, need to show you all the apartment that has been home for the past two weeks. It is a comfortable place to be at although there is no washing machine, microwave oven, or a toaster. But we survived somehow. With handwash laundry, freshly-cooked meals, and egg sandwiches.

Marina Court Resort Apartment

I didnt took the pics of all the food that we cooked at home... But... we did cook herbal chicken soup for dinner. And we didnt have rice for our dinners so we just eat the veggie and soup. And we went to the fish market to buy the crabs and prawns for lunch. I remember that we had a really hard time cracking the crabs' pinchers due to lack of proper equipment. Anyway... it was good fun. Hehe...
The overcooked chix drumstick and the before and after of the crabs and prawns

I realised my laziness to describe everything in an interesting way

The mood spoiler is when the laptop screen was destroyed by my fall. Looking at it makes me so depressed le.

Ohye... Another highlight of our trip is the trips to Starbucks, San Francisco Coffee and Secret Recipe. We sat down to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a piece of cake. I didnt realised I am so hooked to it that I actually went to SanFrancisco and Coffee Bean for two nights in a row as soon as I arrived in Miri.

The last few days at KK, we didnt do much cooking and instead we eat out. I just love to have McD Big Breakfast. It reminds me of the time Lynnx and I have Kiwi Big Breakfast at Auckland Airport. A little far-fetched but it is true, I really feel like that. Also got to eat Kenny Rogers's roasted chicken as seen in pic no. 1 in the collage below. But it isnt as tasty as I remember. Maybe because I have eaten so much other tastier food. :P Pic no. 2 is the weirdest kebab I ever devoured. I felt so funny after that. The middle pic in the collage is the blackpepper chicken I had in Secret Recipe. Suffering from tiredness after a day out in the islands, this plate of black pepper chicken is great though a little too spicy. The final night in KK, we treated ourselves to plates of cheap seafood at the restuarant recommended by the locals. Not bad I must say. The final pic is Secret Recipe's Tom Yam Spaghetti which I strongly recommend. Really nice... Yum~~!

Oh... I mentioned about going to Tanjung Aru on Sunday evening. We spent the whole Sunday in the apartment before going out to Tanjung Aru beach. I thought the place is going to be very big and bursting with people. Err..It is smaller than what I imagined but the amount of people is what I thought it should be. The beach view is amazing. We had a really simple but fulfilling dinner. The chicken wings are so scrumptious. I wish I had more. Not forgetting, the huge glass of Dragon Fruit Juice I ordered. It is a two-person portion but I drank it all up. Burp~~! Haha... After the meal, we walked around and had a stroll in the poorly-lit garden. It wasnt a bad Sunday evening. :P

The most expensive meal we had is the International Buffet at Promenade Hotel. RM50 pax. I am not sure why but we ate till we are full and we stopped. And I think the portion we all ate is not even worth RM50. Not worth it at all.

On the final Sunday, we went to the Sapi and Manukan Islands. Thanks to Kelvin's friend, we get free transportation to the Shangrila Resort's jetty. We went to Sapi Island first. I recalled coming to this island long ago but didnt do much thing when I was here last time.
This time, I tried snorkelling. I had a really hard time getting used to the idea 'cause I have no idea how to navigate myself in the water using life jacket. Plus I dunno how to swim and I think I panicked for a few times. After a few attempts, I finally get the trick of the trade. I didnt swim out very far because I was afraid that I might not be able to swim back later. If there is any chance of going back there, I will definitely go snorkelling again and attempt the deeper waters.
When Kelvin, Thomas and Kelvin's friends decided to play Banana Boat, Laura, Chinos and I went out to the sea with them to have a look. Regretted it so much. The sun is killing me and I was so sure that I will get sun burn if the ride last any longer. After a few hours at Sapi Island, we headed to Manukan Island. The place is beautiful and scenic. The fishes there are also much bigger than at Sapi Island.
No pics from this trip because I didnt bring my handphone but I will get the pics from Chinos

After the trip to Islands, we went to travel around Mount Kinabalu area on Monday. Monday is also a very important day because it is my birthday. I received my present before leaving for the trip o I didnt open my present till late that day. Anyway... we told the driver that we want to see strawberry garden and NZ cows apart from Mount Kinabalu.

The drive to the hot spring took around 2 hours and there isnt much to see or do there. Since we are not dressed or prepared for the hot spring, we can only look around and then eat our lunch there. After that, we went to Desa Dairy Farm only to be turned away because the visiting hour only start at 3pm and it was only 1pm. But we did saw the cows from far away. The scenery there felt like in New Zealand. I found my mind drifting to the scenes in LOTR. :P

After that, we stopped at a Botanical Garden where there are strawberries and flowers. We sort of went crazy over taking photos and photos of the flowers there. The hibiscus are unbelievable big. The roses arent so memorable to me 'cause I have seen nicer ones at the Rose Garden at NZ. We went to the National Park next and enjoyed the cool air before leaving the place to go back to KK. Our dinner for that night was Italian food at Little Italy.

During the trip in KK, our most visited shopping centre is Centrepoint or should it be Palm Square. The first time I felt the power of other people's shopping power which almost suffocated me... my mindless mutterings...

There are seven of us and there are so many pairs of shoes/slippers/sandals...I alone have four pairs...Hehee... I think I have the most pairs... :P

Finally, the most unforgettable moment...


Sherp said...

wa~ cool!! lots of pics.. i will not complain about hte prawn coz i'll be there soon.... n u hv to treat me to prawn and crab coz u always show it here and mak me drool :P hehehe... waaa... :( ur laptop........ i don get the last pic.. is it u?

lynnx01 said...

The apartment you stayed in looks freakingly like the apartment I am currently renting. I mean, the layout. So similar! But of course, your apartment looks much nicer.

g0hy|3 said...

Sherp, the prawns and crabs are not a problem. I know just where to bring you guys to eat. Hehe... No worries with the laptop. The last pic dun have me in it. But it has a story behind it. When you are here, remind me to tell you the story.

lynnx, really?! Hehe... Too bad it is just a temporary place. I miss KK so much....

Sherp said...


Anonymous said...

I need a vacation as well :P

g0hy|3 said...

Prince of Darkness, haha... enjoy yourself in sg lor... Treat your working life in sg as a vacation plus working lor. My this KK trip is half working half vacationing le..heheh