Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I think I am going to fail CPA111

After a few days of studying (...and staring into space, playing neoquest, reading blogs, watching tv, sleeping, window shopping, and dining out), it is finally THE DAY. THE EXAMINATION DAY.

The night before

I tried to do the mcqs and found myself not knowing how to answer any of it. Oh no! I panic. After days of studying (and all others), I have no idea how to answer the mcqs. How will I survive tomorrow's exam?! I actually called Mum and went to sleep after that. Woke up at 3am due to nightmare and slept till 8am

2pm, today

Only 7 people take CPA111 le...all girls. Never mind la, just try to do my best la.

The Verdict

Cant blame anyone if I dont do well. Can only blame myself. At least Mum got the warning that I might not do well.

Anyway... I went out for breakfast yesterday and decided to go to this coffee shop where i used to go very often with grandma. I miss eating their Chow Zhu Mien, Cao Cai MiFen, Tian Bian Hu and Chow Zhu MiFen. Yum Yum..the ever-so-delicious Chow Zhu Mien...

That evening, I went to office to get the laptop and watched the packing process. My intended short trip became a 2-hour trip to office. I cant even recall how many times I ran up and down the stairs.

Ohya! The day before...that is Monday night, went to Pizza Hut to makan with Irene, SiawLing, Amy and Dennis. Actually asked CK also but he din turn up. Too bad...want to wish him well and meet him for the last time before he leave Miri also cannot lor.

So, I have packed my stuff and for the umpteenth time, add and remove stuff to my luggage. Gosh... I am so excited to go to KK. Thinking that I have to weigh my suitcase again just in case overweight le My second trip to KK and I am not sure if I will be able to go online there. Two weeks without any internet connection. Hmmm...How will I survive?

Well, till then, here's a collage of my face for you all to see.

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Prince of Darkness said...

Exams goin on ah? No wonder few of my colleague not going to work then we got to work like mad to rush e accounts.... Well who knows you will pass ler? Dun worry too much about it :)