Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Was talking to Yuanz on the phone just now and realised how pissed off I still am about how the people handled my car. I think I want to write about it here and forget all about it.

First of all, I will apologize for the language that I am going to use but it really reflect how I felt at that time.

On Friday when the car was hit, around 1pm, the towshop/workshop guy called JWei but JWei passed the phone to me. The guy asked me to go over to the Traffic Police Station with the car to have pictures taken and to make police report at 3pm. Ok, no problem with that but shouldnt the pics be taken at the time of the accident. Maybe it is just a really damaged bumper so no biggie. Never mind. As I almost arriving at the police station at 3.05pm, the guy's colleague, who happens to be my cousin, called and told me that I dont have to be at the station anymore as the aunty decided not to claim insurance to pay for the damages. But I will need to either bring the car to the workshop tomorrow or Monday to have it fixed. Ok, why didnt call earlier to tell me that I dont have to be at the police station. Made me drive all the way there with that horrible looking bumper to tell me to drive back home again. Do you think I love to drive around with that horrible bumper and huge dent?! What with the wait-till-Monday-to-fix? I want it fixed asap. So Saturday, it is. I waited till 10am to call and made sure that it is ok for me to send the car. My cousin gave me the green light so off I went. When i arrived there, my cousin wasnt there to assist but instead I am left to get someone to notice and assist me. Why the hell do you ask me to go there and pretending that you will be there to help me when you arent going to be there? Then, finally the lady got informed of my situation so she arranged for a guy to take pics of the damages. No one told me that the car cannot be fixed on that day till I asked. The boss told me that it can only be fixed on Monday. So I should drive over on Monday to have it fixed. Ok, having me driving this car all the way to Piasau to have pics taken and to drive it all the way to Piasau again to have it fixed. What the hell?! At 11.45am, I received a phone call from a guy from this workshop telling that he accidentally deleted all the pics he took and so I have to drive all the way to Piasau to have the pics retaken. What do you mean by accidentally delete it? You mean you intentionally delete it, dont you? 'Cause it sounds more like you are intentional. Fine, I will drive it there for you to take those f***ing pictures again. I specifically told the guy that I will be there at 230pm which I did arrive at 230pm precisely (according to the clock in my car). Guess what? I have to wait again. Another person is assigned to take the pictures this time. Then she told me that they need to quote the price of the repair to the aunt who hit my car on Monday morning and then, then I can have my car fixed on Monday afternoon. What the hell again? Why the hell do we, no, I have to go through so much trouble and waste so much time? Ok, I dont want to argue, no energy to do that. Fine, Monday it is.

Monday, I waited and waited and waited till 5pm. Where is that call to tell me that I can send the car over to fix? Where is that promised phone call? Forget all about me, is it? I called my cousin and he told me that he will call and ask for me. The guy, who is supposed to be the one in charge of this whole situation and whom till now, I have not seen, called me and told me that the aunty dont agree with the price and want to have a look at the car before agreeing to paying. So I will need to bring the car over to the workshop at 830 tomorrow, which is Tuesday. Not willing to pay? Then why dont want to claim insurance? Why want to be so troublesome?

Tuesday, I had to apply for leave so that I can be there at the workshop. I cant understand why she refused to pay the quoted price till she sees the car. I arrived (on time again) at precisely 830 am. Calling the guy to tell him that I am at the workshop. He told me to wait and then after 15 minutes, I called him again just to be told that the aunty is on her way now from Pujut. Ok, Pujut is fairly near from Piasau. Shouldnt take long now. Waited for another 15 minutes. What the hell? Where the hell is this lady driving from? Need to take such a long time? If already made an appointment at 830, then be there on time! Again, the aunty and I (actually, I think it is more like me is the only one who is waiting again) waited for the person who is supposed to be the middle guy to come. The girl who took the pics came to talk things out. She was persistant about the RM1650 but later agreed to the RM1600. The aunty sounded apologetical but the guy she was with wasnt happy with the quotation. Excuse me. I thought the pics they took are clear enough to show the damages on my car. Why the hesistance? Unless they didnt show the pics, or have they unintentionally delete the pics again? I dont know. What I know is that this is wasting a lot of my time.

The girl actually said that I will need to bring the car back another day because the workshop cant seems to accomodate me yet. I think the look on my face showed that I am not happy and I want it done asap. My car might not be very damaged but it is still damaged. I have driven to this workshop for so many f***ing times and you want me to drive it back here again at some other f***ing day. Do you want to do my business? If dont want, then dont waste my time in the first place. The girl called the boss and confirmed that they can repair my car today so I can leave my car at the workshop. Four days to do.

I am so sick of this. The next time if such thing happen, I want to claim the insurance company, it should be much much faster and less hassle. Claim whatever that I can claim for. The car actually also suffered some damages at the front but I cant have it fixed because they want to charge me for it and Dad doesnt want that. This is just so frustrating!

F*** the aunty for knocking into my car. F*** the workshop for being so unprofessional. Bullshit to that whatever approved workshop by whatever insurance companies. This workshop sucks for mistreating me.


Anonymous said...

who woulnt be angry? i would if it was me. but.. be patient.. :)

ueiying said...

er.. that was me just now.. weird.. my name din come out just now

g0hy|3 said...

got my car back already so I am going to be very careful so that I dont have to deal with them anymore