Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No longer hospitalised

Hehe... My handphone is finally out of the hospital. It costs me RM138 and dont ask me what was wrong with it because I didnt ask. Too happy to ask.

But so far, I havent found something or whatever that I think worth taking pics of. One thing for sure, I will be taking a lot of pics in KL.

Call me a hillbilly or whatever. I want to go to KL despite people telling me that there is not much to do there. But I havent been to KL for more than five years, i guess. So, going to KL is fun to me.

Anyways... went out with Jeng and Elsie last night. We went to a cafe nearby Petronas Station at somewhere near Pujut 7. Then to Siamese Secrets. It was nice to sit together and talk about everything. Which reminds me to say this "Happy Belated Birthday, Elsie!"

Oh... I finally got a good pic of my grey eyes..hehe....

And also... I have actually also went to straighten and highlight my hair last Thursday. Jwei had his hair highlighted as well. I actually wanted to just highlight my hair but ended doing both. Was at Kelvin Hair Studio for 7 ½ hours. Hair done by the students. They really took a great care to make sure that they are doing everything correctly. In the end, my hair looks great. No pics yet cause I cant seems to find an angle of my hair that I like to show. Costs me RM160 this time. :P

Been eating less this past two days. Hopefully I can feed my purse till fat fat and myself till thin thin...

My car finally got hospitalised after been hit on Friday. Found out that it will actually cost RM1600 to fix it. Poor lady. She doesnt want to claim insurance because the car she was driving is not hers. Sigh...Dont care as long as I have my car fixed and she is paying for it. Should have my car back by Saturday if everything goes well.


l y n n w e i said...

wah..i wanna see ur new hair style!!!


g0hy|3 said...

I am still looking for the right poses...hehe