Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally moved to New Blogger~!

After a long wait, I finally able to switch over to the new blogger. This is so exciting~~!! Now I can label my posts... Ohye~~!!


Ok, I admit it. I am not that excited about it. Dont really feel anything except perhaps feeling relieved that it has combined with the new project blog I am also currently working on with my cousins. This way I dont have to login into two different blogger to write my post.

But I wouldnt be labelling my posts yet. I need a time when I can plan it all out and do everything one go. Hey! I have like two years of posts to label le.


I think I have survived one week spending only, and possible less than, RM20.00. I think I will continue my effort to spend less. But I dont think my weight has dropped at all. I havent started any exercise regime due to some unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully by the start of a new week, I will do some easy do-it-at-home exercise help me to lose some fats. :P

On a happier note, my car is out of the workshop already. The back of the car looks ok to me. I am still pissed about the inefficiency of the workshop. The front of the car has little damages which are minor and my dad will fix it for me soon. Otherwise, I am perfectly ok with the car for now.

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