Friday, May 25, 2007

Another busy week

Went to Coffee Bean with Tomato and Nanotay on Sunday to use my RM20 voucher. It is expiring on the 22nd so have to be used already. Just a quick look around at the horses at Taman Selera then off to Bintang Plaza to do some shopping and Coffee Bean drinking.
Two Pure Vanilla and One Cherry Chocolate Coffee

Today, went out to have dinner at Piccolo Fratini and had linguine frutti di mare (aka seafood pasta).

Had migraine for a lot of days. Didnt take any painkiller because I took it on the first day I had migraine and it didnt work.

Missed my Goong cds that contains pics, videos, and mp3s of Goong. Dont know where have I put it. Darn~!

Ohye~! Went to watch Spiderman 3 last Thursday. It was...err...ok. Nothing much to comment about.


Dancing Queen said...

What's that in the sky juice? Ice? It looks funny, though. :D

How was the pasta at Fratini? Looks good! :D

HuiNingManda said...


g0hy|3 said...

Dancing Queen, it is ice in the sky juice. Should have taken a closer pic of the ice chips. They are so cute. Tomato and Nanotay will testify to it.

Huiningmanda, yupe. It is yummy. Now Fratini has 50% off from its pasta and pizza for this May. The reason why I went there with my colleagues to have lunch. Btw, my colleagues and I try to make it a habit to only go out to have lunch once a week so going to Fratini is somewhat a treat for all of us. :)

HuiNingManda said...

50% ?????? wowww. for May nia?