Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day Two of Study Leave

So far, I have read thru 3 modules. That is like 1.8 module in 2 days. Hopefully i will be able to read thru the remaining 2 modules and then go thru the questions i printed from the cd in 2 days time.
I wonder if I will panic again this year. I remembered panicking the night before the exam for my previous exam. Called my mum to tell her that I think I might fail. Didnt fail but sort of worried that it might come true one day. Choi! Choi! Choi! Touch wood! Phui!

Posting a pic of my studying on the green table. Customary le. Each time have exam, i think i will post something like this. heheh.... 3rd exam time...2nd exam time...The first time I took CPA exam didnt take any photo. hehe...

The green table is also very legendary. Without it, i might be sleeping on the sofa already.

Btw, went to Tamu Muhibbah this morning after waking up. Convince myself that i need to get some vegetable into my meals so I went out to get some. Also trying to avoid studying. I am trying to escape the fact that I need to study and take the exam. just like what I am doing now. Blogging when I should be studying. Hmm... My mind suddenly has an idea. Maybe I call the office to disturb my colleagues. hahaha~~!

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HuiNingManda said...

Good Luck! All the best :)