Sunday, May 06, 2007

Final day to study

1.25 module to go. Cramped in about 20 plus pages last night. I think I study better at night. Can concentrate better.

Yesterday was so distracted. I actually cleared all my unread emails and waiting for new email to arrive the whole day so that I can read it. Lame

It is anything at all to get me off from studying. I really dont have the mood to study.

Hmm...What to blog about today? Lemme see...

Yesterday, I read this post by Carrot for her best guy friend. I was touched. It reminds me of the friendship between Dennis and I.

Our story is....We got to know each other better thru icq. We rarely talked in school. We were in the same club but we didnt really communicate. There was a sense of weirdness between us when we are looking at each other face to face but when we were chatting online, we are no stranger to each other. I guessed it is safe to say that he knows all of my secrets and possibly know me better than anyone. The situation persisted on during the first year of our university lives. Finally during the second year, we decided that we should try talking face to face. We had been emailing each other as he was in Riam branch and I was at Senadin branch. One day, as I was feeling suffocated at home, I went to Riam branch to use the pc there, online and got him to meet me there. It was awkward. We werent talking and both of us were looking at the computer monitors, doing our own stuff. The awkwardness ended some time after that... Since we took the same class, we did assignments together, revised the subject together.... One day, friends were thinking that the two of us have something going on. It made the two of us very awkward. Then, we cleared it out during our online chatting and we have been ok ever since. He is my venting machine when I have problems and I am his venting machine when he has trouble. I remember a particular time when he came to find me one evening and showed me his scarred face, still fresh from the punching he got from his gf's uncle. Shocking. Although he is now working in KL and I am still in Miri, each time he is back in Miri, he will find me to have a chat as online chatting is very rare these days. suddenly very lazy to elaborate so cut the story short la

Yesterday, I also got emotional watching Grey's Anatomy. Sigh... Last year (I think) Lynns tried to get me to watch this series but I was too into House at that time. The episode I watch yesterday got me to shed a few tears. Lynnwei, I think I will want to get the Grey's Anatomy Series from you to watch when you are back in Miri.

Yesterday, I talked to Lynnx about not mopping my house floor for quite some time. This morning, I mopped it. Cannot stand it anymore. Need to do something about it. Feel so much better after mopping it. Haha...

Not only that, I also washed my blanket this morning. Know how a child will say how nice-smelling is his/her blanket after using it for some time? For others, the smell is unbearably foul. I find my blanket to be foul-smelling recently. Sweat No worries, now it is sweet-smelling. Hehehe....

Oh! My dad.... Had a little row with him the other day. But now it is resolved already. In fact, he just discovered how tasty is Har Mee and I think is addicted to it. He even added a piece of fish into the Har Mee for extra sweetness. When I was cooking Har Mee for breakfast this morning, he threw in a piece of fish in addition to my own concoction of veggie and mushroom cocktail sausage. Not only the Har Mee, he also discovered that I have a pack of Tao Kae Noi Seaweed on the coffee table and it is nice~~!! In less than 24 hours, he discovered that his daughter actually been eating good food recently. Hahaha....

My big bowl of Har Mee with green veggie, oyster mushroom, tomato, mushroom cocktail sausages and one big piece of fish

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Dancing Queen said...

Wah, mugging time become blogging time! Good excuse, eigh? :D

So your dad loves Har Mee too, huh? So far, I don't know anyone who doesn't like it.

Eh, all the best to your exam! I'm sure you can do it! :D