Sunday, May 20, 2007


Since my old pc is down, I have been using yuanz laptop but it cant detect the digicam or my handphone's memory card or my handy drive. It drove me crazy that I cant post any picture and thus, numbing me from writing any post. But later, I did something and the laptop begin to recognise my handphone. So...I am now writing about a lot of things that has happened.

The events did not happen in the following order. Just randomly arranged.

Today, went to Parkson and had a shoe fever. I want to get a new shoes as my gold working/normal wear shoes is getting worn-out. I really try to make sure that I buy when I need it and the gold shoes looks like it will give up on me anytime soon. So, I bought a new one as a back-up. Vincci is having sale again and after walking around the shop for the second time, I finally bought this pair. It is different from my usual style and despite looking a bit purplish and pinkish in the photo, it is actually black with silver lining ribbon. I think it is a bit on the serious and mature side. Planning to get another pair soon. Hehe...

On Saturday morning, Joanna told us all in the office that there are horses at Taman Selera and available for riding till Sunday. Apparently, our Miri City Mayor Wee got the people in Bintulu to bring over the horses for our entertainment for the Miri City Celebration. Joanna and I went there today during noon time and I got to ride on the horse. I didnt want to at first but later, decided to do so as it is a rare opportunity. It was fun. Later that day, I brought Lynthia & HuiNing to see the horses and Lynthia rode on one.

Below are three videos of my horse-riding experience. The guy actually lent his cowboy head to me to wear. Erm...Erm... Anyways...Watch it if you are really bored 'cause it is really nothing much to watch actually. And also...Please ignore my plump body shape. :p

Part One

Part Two

Part Three - Getting off the horse

Went to Curtin Alumni Gathering at Music Corridor, Eastwood Golf Course on 12th May. Err... Actually didnt feel like going but ended going there. Met quite a number of people and had conversations with them. Erm... Dont know la. It is a bit weirdish for me because I think I didnt know them well enough when I was in Curtin and dont really know what to talk about.

This week, I wasnt feeling too well. In fact, I got a little feverish on one of the days. Apart from that, I was also suffering from migraine. The migraine lasted for about a week and I am still having it now. On Thursday (17th May), I had Dave Deli's Chicken Mushroom Pie and Chicken & Mushroom Soup.

Finally, a pot of (still-in-making)lemon tea on Saturday night(19/05). Just thought that the look of the lemon slices in the pot looks cute. The reason for the lemon tea is for the iced drink for barbeque much later on the evening. There are supposed to be photos of the barbeque but because the laptop cannot detect the digicam's memory card, I cant post the pics.

Well... Situation at work is improving if I can get all the doubts in my assignments cleared. Once it is cleared, I will be eliminating quite a number of names from my long list of assignments.

Aza aza fighting~!

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