Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 3: To 5th CPA paper exam

Had a really restless sleep. Dreamt about all sort of weird weird things including opening office door and trying to solve a crossword puzzle. Woke up feeling tired. Too much brain activity.

Anyways... I was early to the office to open the door. Erm... Didnt go find breakfast first because I dont know what to eat. Instead, I had a cup of oatmeal at the office.

Went out to shop with mum yesterday. So didnt study much yesterday afternoon. Weather too warm also... I am getting very distracted also. Hmm... Lazy to study la...

Studying starts at page 3.14.... Despite reaching module 3, it isnt much because one module is only around 30 plus pages...

Studying ends at page ??

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