Sunday, October 21, 2007

I am feeling very Anna-Nicole-Smith

"Here's the thing. I didnt eat. I am trying to diet but I cant find the right pill. The granola bar is not working for me. I am frustrated. I am feeling very Anna-Nicole-Smith right now. God bless her lovely soul because she likes pink and I like pink too."
-Kimora Lee Simmons, Life on the Fab Lane-

I am feeling so sucky right now. Very very sien. Studying for today is less than one page. Argh...! Need to study the case so that i can summarise and analyse properly before discussing it with Laura for our exam.


lynnx01 said...

Eh I watched one episode of Kimora Lee on E and I find that she's so irresponsible lah. Mentang-mentang she wanted that photo shoot to be the cover for a particular mag, everything arranged but she wasn't there for the shoot!

Sherp said...

ning jie! tat sounds like me! i keep getting things ready to study but i cant study for long. very very very sien :(