Sunday, April 13, 2008


Oh yea... BLEACH!

This word reminds me of the serial killer who made miniature model of the murder scenes in CSI. They speculated that the thing that triggered her killer instinct is the smell of the bleach.

But the Bleach I am referring to is not that bleach... It is the Japanese anime/manga, Bleach.

I am a bit confused of the meaning of anime at the moment.

I am currently very into Bleach... I have actually watched the latest available episode with english sub of Bleach... Episode 166.

Why all of a sudden?

The Veoh program that I used suddenly started to download all sorts of video files and one of the videos is Bleach. So I deleted the rest and went on to download the other three Bleach videos that this user has... which is episode 163 to 165... and then I watched it... And fell for all the fight scenes... Erm.. I also wanted to know if the bad guy lose to the good guy.

It was... disappointing to find out that episode 166 is the latest episode so I turned to reading the manga instead... The storyline is very interesting... I kept reading on and on... and finished reading it last night. Right now, I have to wait for the latest issue to be out again...

Ah! I also found the manga that I used to get from Lynnwei and then no more because it was a long wait for the english-translated version. Love Monster. Going to read it once I finished my exam. This is a very addictive hobby...


lynnx01 said...

Wah into anime now? Hehe..

g0hy|3 said...

yea... Actually been interested in Love Monster and Death Note quite some time ago. The english translated version took quite long to come out so I didnt read anymore.