Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Road trip

Most people doesnt know this but I am not a road trip person. I dont really like to travel long distance by car.... Because I get car dizzy. Maybe if I am the driver, then it would be different. But I went to Sibu and Sarikei with my parents and a friend of my Mum. That's our car... very muddy because it was raining and the road was muddy. This pic was taken at Sarikei.

Anyways... I went to Sibu on the weekend... to attend this seminar. It is something about being happy, love each other, filial to parents etc... The speaker is very funny and there are quite a few funny and memorable scenes. The thing that I dislike about this seminar is the time management and the repetition of certain things. Time management... too much time were wasted on unnecessary things. Repetition of certain things... there are things that kept getting mentioned when it is not necessary.
Anyways...we stayed in RH Hotel where the seminar is held. Not bad. We even got discount off our room because we joined the seminar. After the seminar, we headed to Sarikei. Initially, we didnt plan to go to Sarikei and should be heading straight back to Miri after the seminar. So... we went to visit our relatives in Sarikei... and our dinner was...
Frogs cooked with ginger and rice wine, Steamed Fish, Deer Meat with onion and ginger and steamboat (which we didnt eat and gave to a relative because we were too full). The frogs was generously provided by my Uncle. Yummy...
The next morning, we started our shopping spree. Well, more like my Mum's friend on her shopping spree. We stopped for quite some time at this stall that sells dried prawns, salted fish and etc.
I didnt buy much stuff because... I have no idea what to buy. Ah! As I was waiting for my Mum and her friend to finish their shopping, I spotted this little thing wander around. I was attempting to take a 'Big Head Dog' shot of the puppy...

However, my favourite food is the Kong Pia ( I think this is how it is spelled). Dad actually didnt want to bring me over to buy the hot from the oven Kong Pia as him and Mum have gone there earlier in the morning. But before we left Sarikei, we made a quick stop and I get to buy the fresh from oven Kong Pia... Yummy... Ah! that's the oven they used to bake the Kong Pia... Using charcoal...Finally, everything was rearranged at my cousin's house and we ended up with this.

That is just the rear compartment. I have my luggage and a plastic bag full of Pak Chen Soup materials at the seat area. So... we were quite full... Dad said that we can still buy somemore... :p

We finally arrived in Miri at around 6pm... I finally have the chance to bring both Mum and Dad to Siamese Secrets but it was my Mum's friend who treated us the dinner...Haha...

Hmmm.... finally completed this post... So I can really concentrate on my studying now... Tomorrow is CPA exam... Wish me luck!

p/s: My best purchase item from this trip is a watch. I will blog about this in WGTGFashion after exam. Watch out for it.


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Ah! I have heard and seen your blog...Thanks for visiting mine.