Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Your Order Has Been Shipped

I gleefully announced that I am expecting the arrival of my latest purchase of singles... Should be some time in mid May. One of the singles has the song Beautiful You. Currently I am very in love with this song. Planning to make it my ringtone when I get hold of the mp3 file.

Erm... Feeling kind of hungry now. Eating too much today. Read from somewhere before that although it is not good to eat too little, eating too much at once is also bad for the body. Not only that, one will feel even more hungry after consuming a huge meal. I cant remember the reason but my logic is that because the stomach has worked so hard to digest all the food so when all the food is gone, the effect of not having any food amplified... Shouldnt have eaten so much. Regrets...

Seems like there is some difficulties with loading photos tonight... No photos then.

Just went to this talk by this Chinese doctor, Dr Lee. Funny guy.

Need to cramp in some more studying... Internet connection has been quite sucky these days... Any idea why?


lynnx01 said...

Eat smaller portions more frequently..

jaejoongislove said...

omo!! you order beautiful you?! uish uish, so jealous of you. i want to, but no money T.T haha, do you order it from yesasia or HMV Japan? hmmm...that song is so so but i am more to love in the ice =)

g0hy|3 said...

lynnx01, I heard that you have been losing some serious weights. Ganbatte !!

jaejoongislove, welcome to my blog first of all. Erm.. yea, I ordered the single. Embarrassed. Hehe... Erm... I ordered it from yesasia. Love In The Ice, that is also a great song. I actually cant find any Tohoshinki/DBSK's songs that I dislike.