Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Coming from the other side

This morning, I woke up half an hour earlier than my usual time...

I dont know whether to be resentful towards my dad for calling me two minutes earlier than the time my alarm clock would rung or to be thankful to him for remembering that I need to wake up early. Just kidding. I was actually half awake when he called this morning...and I was wondering why my alarm clock sounds so much like my ringtone for incoming call.

Anyways... the reason for my early get up is because I am supposed to send Lingdi to her driving test location. Omedeto* to Lingdi for passing her driving test!

As I was leaving Senadin, I was kind of worried of the traffic jam that I have heard from others... scared that I might get stuck in it... Wasnt too bad la. I did make it to the office in time.

Kind of thankful that I am living on this side of the town city. Because I can arrive at the office way faster than if I am living at the other side of the town city. No offence to the people from the other side of the town city.

At this moment, having a hint of sore throat... Been feeling it the whole day. Then just now feeling nauseous and burping a lot. No idea why.

Got to be studying now. Exam is so near already!!!

* I hope I spelled it right. Omedeto = Congratulations... I hope I am correct... Cross fingers...


Lynnwei said...

gambate in ur exams too!!
make sure u get distinction this time!!

LingDi said...

It's Omedetou.. Haha..
Happy Birthday: O Tanjoubi Omedetougozaimasu